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Cross country Classes

Stock 120
Outlaw 120 (includes briggs motor any gears)
200cc snoscoot
Jr 10-14 up to 600cc trail
High school 15-18 up to 800cc  Trail
Sno-x sleds 600cc
600cc trail
700cc trail
800cc trail under 150HP
800cc trail newer sleds over 150HP
Trail super stock modified y pipe, reeds etc.  can still run stock 
Un studded mountain
Unstudded 500-600cc
Unstudded 700-800cc
Pro up to 600cc
Senior 40+
Senior 50+
Vintage 1980 and older
Vintage 2002 and older

All sleds must have working breaks, tether,  except vintage classes with tether

All riders must have tekvest or chest protector

Working tail lights on full size sleds

Sled must appear to be in good running condition (race directors can refuse sled in tech if any safety concerns)

Races will be timed, most laps at the end is winner

Sleds must have numbers on them that are visible (paper plate taped to windshield works)

You do need a membership for cross country. Must register for race thru website

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