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Ditchbanger Classes 
and Rules 2023


120cc stock motor
200cc stock motor
youth vintage 16 and below 1987 & older
youth trail 600cc 16 and below
1987 and older vintage
1987-2002 499cc fan only
1987-2002 500cc liquid
1990-2003 Greasy triples up to 700cc
1996-2004 601cc and up
1996-2004 600cc and below
1996-2004 440cc fan 
2005-2017 601cc and up
2005-2017 600cc and below
Pro Snocross 600
Vintage snocross 
New Trail (HIGH DOLLAR DITCHBANGER) stock motor

All sleds must have
Tether, chest protector, brakes and be in good running condition
No picks, nitrous, or mechanisms to disable other sleds.
You can run more than one class with same sled but have to bump up to higher class not down
Sleds with motor mods are allowed but will be placed with appropriate class.
Pipes, cans, studs are allowed
Each class will be a roughly 25 lap race with 1st payout

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